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Someone's sexual orientation

Bullying someone due to their sexual orientation is often referred to as "homophobic bullying" or "homophobia"

This is when a victim is bullied due to them being "different", "odd" or "strange" because they are Bi, Gay, Lesbian or Trans. 

Just because someone isn't "normal" or "straight" does not give anyone the right to bully.  

Below is a true life homophobia story: 

It all started in year 7 when I discovered I was different, at the time I had no idea what was happening and I thought I was broke.

I had never felt like this at the time and thought I was the only person who felt like it, confused as I was I decided to talk to my friends about it not realising what I was actually doing (“coming out”).

I myself hate the term “coming out” because it makes it sounds like it’s wrong but I had only discovered something new not something wrong.

With me telling my friends, a few of the wrong people heard about me and I was bullied both mentally and physically for it for quite a while, this destroyed some of my self confidence and self esteem.

I thought they would eventually get bored and just stop doing it, but I did the wrong thing and ignored it, even some teachers witnessed it but didn't actually do anything.

Time passed and with many issues surrounding my life, I stopped going to school this wasn't the answer but there was a certain issue that stopped me going to school which wasn't bullying.

This issue also helped to destroy my self esteem, my self confidence and made me feel depressed.
Yeah I know what you’re thinking “a depressed teenager, it’s life get over it” but the thing is the things I experienced at a young age, no one should have to go through EVER.

I went back to school and things were ok to start off with, until someone made a comment about me and then it just started again, I was made to feel an outcast and unaccepted.

The issue that stopped me going to school got worse and with the bullying it just got too much again, so I studied from home instead.


Page last updated: 17 June, 2013