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David's story

It all started when I was in grade 4. This guy named Chris started calling me gay, and harassing me. It was not enough to push me to my limits. But deep inside it hurt. Why was he doing this to me! I don't know, but is it because I was a Filipino? No, he has a friend who's Filipino.

     In grade 5 it got worse. I got called gay, gay lord, and loads of stuff. I scream like a girl, so who cares? It's not my fault that is what I scream like, right? I had friends who still supported me and stood beside me. I was a boy, and I hang out with girls. It was just easier! At this point of time I got so mad that I just wanted to storm out of my classroom. I hated them so much.

But then came my last hope in grade 6. I was hoping to go to another school other than the bullies who did go to the other catholic school. The principal even had a talk to me saying why I was going to another school. Not their school. I just lost it there, it was spilling time. He finally convinced me that I should go to the catholic school. I was called and harassed in the bus, saying "Oh David I like your............" Meaning that he didn’t like anything about me and that there was nothing good about me. I told my friend that I thought of suicide. I told him all about the things going on till grade 6 which is the grade that I am still in.  He didn't act like he cared, but then the guidance counsellor talked to me about it and that they were going to send me to a health hospital. I was like what? Then I started getting support from my friends. I told my family to not talk about it. I started to get all better. Them I fully got self confidence in myself.

     Bullying can happen to anyone, I’m still in grade six and people have harassed me. Then I realized, fight fire with fire. So the next time someone calls me a gay lord. I'll say good, can I make you gay? Oh wait I can't turn you to something that you already are. Tell someone! Or, read stories on here. And you can truly understand. Suicide is not the way to go.

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